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“Dear Family and Friends,

As Jews, we are supposed to take action when fellow human beings are in distress. As a doctor, the phrase: ‘לא תעמוד על דם רעך You shall not stand idly by your brothers blood’ has an added meaning and responsibility that I am privileged to be a part of. We have just found out that Elie is going to be joining a surgical team in Haiti starting this monday morning for 4 to 5 days. It is being sponsored by his hospital, Holy Cross in Fort Lauderdale and will include ER docs, Anesthesiologists, Surgeons (I will be 1 out of 2), and Critical care specialists. While they will be only able to take in what they carry on their backs, our hope is to have some amount of medicines and surgical tools/supplies that will be directly used by the team on the ground. Elie will be able to obtain medications, such as basic antibiotics, pain medicines, water purifying tablets, lidocaine, etc… at cost and is looking to raise money between now and the trip to be
able to purchase as much of these vital and life-saving medicines as he can carry.

Thank you,
Elie and Abby”

Let’s make sure Dr. Elie is carrying all he can carry.

I am re-posting / cross posting this from DaMomma's blog, and she has set up a Paypal account to help because she knows Elie and Abby personally.

This is a direct way to help as donations sent through PayPal will translate directly into surgical supplies and drugs purchased at cost.

Go to the address below to read more, and to pledge. And feel free to cross-post!
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