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I blame Ellie.

You probably don't know Ellie, but she is definitely to blame.

She said how much fun she had, when she said "YES" to doing a random thing and how we should all take the opportunity to say YES more often. And to 'live life out loud.' So while I was feeling all motivated and inspired, I saw our local hospice, that provides loving end of life and respite care, was doing a number of fundraising events. So I signed up.

To abseil off the tallest Transporter Bridge in the world.

It sounded fun. So I said YES. Then I looked at just. How. High. It. Freaking. Was.

Aaargh!!! All I can think is "it's going to be cold up there!"

So, please don't let me do this all on my own. Go to my Just Giving page and donate, to help the St David's Foundation continue their amazing work, and to make me feel all warm and fuzzy and supported - when I am feeling very cold and definitely UNsupported on the end of a rope on 26th March.

What are you waiting for? Go here to see the bridge in all its glory...

Oh, and yes, please do pass this on and spread the word that I have finally gone loopy.

(So, yes, this answers the question, "Is she still alive?" I am. I am just swamped somewhat with work, toddlerdom, DIY, and trying to carve out a tiny part of life for myself - hence saying YES to this event.)
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